Working Groups bring together recognised specialists from across the five member associations who co-operate to best understand and respond to the core issues affecting the industry.

Europgen Working Groups provide the framework for small numbers of technical experts to work together efficiently and across national boundaries on core topics in order to fully comprehend the legislatative landscape, predict future ramifications and develop informed solutions. The sharing of knowledge also prevents duplication of work, strengthens bonds and creates valuable networking opportunities.

The core topics are selected by the Executive Committee based upon relevancy and industry
impact. Upon the establishment of a core topic the executive committee evaluates potential
candidates before inviting to the working group assigned to it. If you are a member of a
Europgen association and would like to join an active or proposed working group please get
in contact.

The working groups, which aim to have between 3-5 members, regularly report back to the
executive committee who then use evaluate their findings and recommendations to plan
subsequent actions.

Active Working Groups

1. Energy related Products (ErP) directive
Leader:Chris Marsland
Objective:Be involved in consultancy and implantation of directive
5. Restrictions on hazardous substances (RoHS) directive
Leader:Richard Meadows
Members:Andrew Greer, SDMO, GIGREL
Objective:Influence formation of directive and aim to drive clarity into definitions (such as large scale fixed installations). Ultimate objective is to exclude from RoSH all generators above 10KVA
Overview from the lead:
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