Europgen works with EU regulatory authorities and government organisations to promote the interests of the European generating set industry

Europgen is a cross-border organisation that brings together the national trade associations of 4 founder members to form a powerful and unified voice for the generating set industry.

The founder members recognised that with major changes taking place to the makeup of the European energy infrastructure a new body capable of influencing legislation and providing representation for the generating set industry within the EU was necessary.

We collaborate with the European Commission and with other European institutions to inform, advise and lobby on behalf of our member associations and the wider industry.

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The Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Systems and ancillary equipment

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The Association of Manufacturers of Power generating Systems

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Grid operators, DNOs and those developing legislation benefit from Europgen’s authoritative voice communicated by experts that fully understand the technical capabilities of modern generating sets.


Europgen provides advice to consultancy panels, member associations and regulatory groups so that new legislation is developed with a full understanding of the relevant issues.


By bringing together trade association from across the EU we strengthen bonds, promote cross-border trade and information sharing and help deliver a stronger European industry for the benefit of all members.


Europgen is committed to improving the reputation and standing of the industry through conducting research through our working groups and commissioning best-practice guidelines.